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Downpayment Options

Buying a home with zero down could be a limited time opportunity 

Zero-down payment can help get Canadians into their homes faster, saving potentially thousands in rent, and giving them a jump start on building wealth.

A cash-back mortgage that provides the cash upfront is one zero down option, another is to secure the downpayment through a loan or unsecured line of credit.  

Zero down could be a limited time opportunity. Cash back options will no longer be available if the proposed OFSI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) rules are implemented. Right now these new rules are just a proposal and out for comment, although it's quite possible they will be implemented.  As a result, qualified homebuyers should take a look at these opportunities now while they are still available.

A zero-down mortgage is certainly not for everyone but if you have stable income, good credit and the ability to comfortably handle your monthly mortgage payment and ongoing housing expenses, a well-designed zero-down plan can get you in your home sooner.  We can review your situation and help you determine if zero down is the right financial decision for you.  

Talk to us today if you want to explore how you can purchase now without waiting.

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