First Time Homebuyers

Today's savvy first-time homebuyers are getting professional advice

Buying a home is a big financial commitment, and many Canadian renters are sitting on the fence deciding whether to buy or not. You're renting now, but maybe you could be in a home of your own. Is it possible? Are you wondering...
how much home you can actually afford;
whether you should keep saving or buy now with a cash back, borrowed or gifted downpayment;
whether or not you should use your RRSP funds;
if you should get a pre-approval;
how do you prove your income if you're self-employed;
how to build your credit rating to qualify for a great rate when the time comes;
what mortgage term you should take; short term, 5-year or longer;
are there extra costs that you need to consider; and,
where do you start the mortgage process?
These are the type of questions we answer every day for today's savvy first-time homebuyers, who are increasingly* turning to mortgage brokers to seek out their options, get professional advice, and not be tied to one particular financial institution's products.  Ensure you get off on the right foot in your home ownership journey! Talk to us today.

* In 2011, 48 per cent of first-time buyers completed their transaction with a mortgage broker, up from 45 per cent in 2009 and 35 per cent in 2007.  2011 CMHC Consumer Study.


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