No Bank of Canada Rate Change for the 11th Consecutive Meeting

No Bank of Canada Rate Change For The 11th Consecutive Meeting

With weaker outlooks for Europe and the U.S., the Bank of Canada announced earlier today that it is keeping its key policy rate steady, exactly where it's been since September 2010, which makes this the longest recorded rate pause.

In its statement the Bank noted that "the recession in Europe is now expected to be deeper and longer than the Bank had anticipated", and that the "U.S. recovery will proceed at a more modest pace going forward."  The Bank noted that while the Canadian economy "had more momentum than anticipated in the second half of 2011, the pace of growth going forward is expected to be more modest than previously envisaged, largely due to the external environment."

The prime rate at most lenders will stay at 3.00%, which means those with variable-rate mortgages will not see their payments change and will continue to enjoy historically low rates.  New variable rate mortgages are available to qualified borrowers at Prime minus 0.10%.  

The Bank's next rate decision is scheduled for March 8.

And while not related to the prime rate, it is worth noting that fixed mortgage rates are near all-time lows, with 4 and 5 year mortgages available at rates that are close to variable-rate pricing. 

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